CHIPS Alliance Welcomes the Caliptra Open Source Root of Trust Project

  • December 13, 2022

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SAN FRANCISCO, December 13, 2022 – CHIPS Alliance, a Linux Foundation project and leading consortium advancing common and open hardware for interfaces, processors and systems, announced that Caliptra, the open source root of trust project founded by technology leaders AMD, Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA, has joined CHIPS Alliance to enable an open, collaborative community-driven approach to hardware security.

Caliptra is a new specification for an open source silicon root of trust (RoT) designed to meet the enhanced security requirements of modern edge and confidential computing workloads. CHIPS Alliance will oversee the open source implementation of register-transfer level (RTL) code for Caliptra that can be synthesized into current SoC designs, along with the verification suite and firmware. As part of this architecture, the open source RISC-V core hosted by the CHIPS Alliance and now relaunched as VeeR, is embedded within the Caliptra Root of Trust macro. VeeR is a true open source RISC-V core family with full RTL and verification bench all under Apache 2.0 license ready for anyone to use.

Having joined CHIPS Alliance, Caliptra will form its governance under the CHIPS Alliance Technical Steering Committee in accordance with the project’s charter, while the Caliptra hardware specification is hosted in the Open Compute Project, in a collaboration that will further tighten the bond between the CHIPS Alliance and the OCP. .

“By pushing for introducing transparency into hardware security, Caliptra’s aim coincides with that of CHIPS Alliance”, said Rob Mains, General Manager at CHIPS Alliance. “CHIPS is actively encouraging collaboration with industry, universities and individuals to build a strong open source hardware ecosystem, comprised of IP, design, EDA, and PDK’s. Caliptra is a strong addition to the overall endeavors of CHIPS, and helps further the goals of CHIPS.”

CHIPS Alliance is proud to announce that, in addition to Google and AMD which were already members related to other open source initiatives they are pursuing with CHIPS Alliance, Microsoft and NVIDIA have now also joined as Platinum and Silver members, respectively.

“Google is delighted to have Caliptra join the CHIPS Alliance and see it host the open source project, including RTL and firmware,” said Partha Ranganathan, Vice President and Technical Fellow, Google. “Furthermore, we are proud to welcome AMD, Nvidia and Microsoft as members of CHIPS Alliance and work together to drive further open source collaboration and raise the security bar in the broader Cloud industry.”

Ensuring the security of our data centers and electronic devices is critical to all of us in the industry. Having a collaborative platform to bring the best minds to complex security problems and addressing real world threats is of paramount importance. The work done within CHIPS is all under an Apache 2.0 license, which encourages collaboration and usage of the intellectual property hosted by CHIPS.

CHIPS Alliance welcomes all to join and participate in its different workgroups that covers a broad range of silicon design topics including: implementation, verification, process design kits, electronic design automation, and FPGAs to name a few. Please visit the CHIPS website at: for more information.

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